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Since 2016


Supporting smart farming cloud and software development

Platform development

We're building data platforms for precision agriculture.

  • Field mapping
  • Drone and satellite imagery
  • Sensors
  • Precision farming

Cloud processing

Scaling out into the cloud for processing large amounts of data. For instance, large scale batch processing of satellite imagery and processing data for irrigation or decision support

App development

Supporting customers or building our own apps for supporting in field day to day use:

  • Observation mapping
  • Field imagery
  • In field photos
  • Task management

Client showcase

A selection of clients we are or have been working for.

Van den Borne Aardappelen
Precision farmer
Information integration - online portal
Soil Masters
Soil scanning and sampling
Online portal
IrriWatch - Hydrosat
Irrigation advisory data
Online portal, app development and cloud processing
Aurea Imaging
Crop intelligence provider
Online portal
Civil engineering
Ground water portal

Product development and demonstrators

Tijink IT BV develops products and demonstrators that are used by a variety of customers

Crop field viewer
Showing information about crop fields on a map
Observation app
Field observation recording and sharing between employees and others
Data services
Providing webservices for internal and external use. For instance:
  • Sentinel2 data crop index processing and visualisation webservices
  • Netherlands, Belgium and Germany Nordrein-Westfalen registered field webservices
  • Drone (TIF) image tiling and visualisation
  • Company, farm, field, crop field, observation and related data management webservices

Research and Development

Tijink IT BV develops products that are used by customers

Research and development

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